Life has been crazy!

September 1, 2009

So as you may have noticed I have been absent from her for awhile. So much has been going on lately and it all seemed to hit us at once. In the span of a week my grandma passed away, my sister’s boyfriend passed away, and my dad’s cat of 10 years died. It has been an emotional, sad period for everyone. Life had no time to get back to normal because I started a new semester of classes. I go everyday and it already feels like a full time job. Its going to be a very busy and rewarding semester. My classes are so interesting but still very challenging. I am taking an advanced photography class with a group of really creative people. I know I am going to learn alot from everyone and hopefully improve my own work. And now I am sick. I don’t have the flu but I do have a terribly sore throat and hideous cough. All I want to do is spend this week in bed and watch my “Roseanne” and “The Office” dvds…but I know I cannot. I have to be productive and forget about how crappy I feel. I am very lucky to have a great husband that has picked up the slack for me by doing more than his half of cleaning and doing laundry and getting me what I need. thanks baby 😉 So due to all of these recent events I have not done a tone of cooking. We have resorted to alot of takeout, pizzas, and veggie burgers. I do have a little stock pile of pics on my camera of things I have made recently but I don’t know when or even if I will post them. So when things get a little more controlled I will post again. I really do love being creative with food and sharing it with anyone out there who is interested. 

I have started reading “My Life in France” by Julie Child. 

I finally saw “Away We Go”. I had such high hopes for this film. It seemed so in line with the type of films I love. I was dissapointed. It had some good parts but I was just not that entertained or impressed. 😦

See you here soon!


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