so busy

October 8, 2009

This week, much like most weeks has been very busy. The fact that I am so busy while still being unemployed is pretty terrifying. Because I know I will have quit the juggling act when I do finally get a new job. So anyway I still try to make something healthful throughout my days. I got up late and did not have time to have anything but coffee before 2:30pm. This is BAD news for me. I am not one of those people who can skip meals. My stomach was growling through all my classes. So when I got out of my last class I was so hungry. I made a big fresh salad with a spring mix of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and strawberry balsamic vinaigrette. I also had some carrots and whole grain crackers with a great red pepper humus. It was really delicious and exactly what I needed to get back on track for the day. I love this photo because you can see my cat Menard making his way towards my ice water. He always wants to drink my water even though he has fresh clean water in his bowl at all times. 🙂


For dinner I made myself a simple stir fry over quinoa. It consisted of broccoli, mushrooms, red pepper, pineapple, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. I eat this combination of stir fry a lot. I usually make it for lunch but I needed a quick dinner so I threw this together and it came out crunchy, kinda sweet, and very healthful. Having all your veggies pre cut makes this meal so easy.


Trent and I are huge fans of the NBC show The Office. So are some of our really good friends. We were invited to a gathering thursday evening to watch the big Jim and Pam wedding episode. We are very excited. Everyone is bringing snacks so I decided to make mini lemon glazed cupcakes. It’s a recipe handed down to me from my mother in law and it is certainly one of my favorites. Its tart and sweet. I am so glad that I have been going to the gym each night because I ate a lot of these little cakes. They are so irresistable. cakes

I have made a total mess in my kitchen making these things. There is lemon glaze everywhere but I think the end result was worth the mess. Now I must go clean it up before I get too tired. good night:)


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