Where I’ve been and where we’re going!

March 13, 2010

Hi everyone. Okay I know that I am just the worst blogger. Its been so long since my last post. Well a lot has been going on lately that has kept me away. My grandfather recently passed away after a battle with cancer. RIP grandpa Jim. I have also been battling some serious sickness. I am a pretty healthy person yet I cannot seem to get over feeling sick. I suspect that my overload of stress is not doing wonders for my immune system. I’m trying to stay positive and restful so maybe my health will improve soon. On a more uplifting note I am happy to announce that T and I are moving to Chicago this summer. We’ve talked about moving there for the last 2 years and we decided the time is right. We are scheduled to look at apartments next month and we are beyond thrilled! Sadly we had to end the band to devote our time to visiting family and preparing for the move. Our band mates and best friends are amazingly talented and I know they will go on to have great musical adventures. I am also still in school with a heavy work load and I will be starting to volunteer soon at an art museum so I am a very busy lady. But I am also a very happy lady. I spent a day this week baking cupcakes (not vegan) and photographing them. It was a really great day. Baking is really zen for me, it keeps me focused and relaxed in a creative space. It also helped to have the new Broken Bells cd playing on repeat ALL day. Its brilliant…of course I am biased because James Mercer is a musical god in my eyes and a poetic genius. Now on to the cupcakes!

(T’s personal favorite: Vanilla cake with chocolate-chocolate chip icing)

What else I’ve been eating lately:

Brown Rice & Bean enchiladas topped with salsa, lettuce, and orange tomato. So simple to throw together and insanely good!

You can never go wrong with Whole Wheat Pasta and a simple salad

My little sweetie, Menard!

I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to be back soon!


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