Vampire Weekend in Ohio!

March 30, 2010

Last night T and I went on a little 3 hour road trip to Columbus Ohio to see one of my favorite bands Vampire Weekend. It turned out to be a really great evening. The indie bands we love never come to our area so we are forced to go to them. We love going to new cities and seeing shows at different venues. Last night’s show was at Lifestyle Communities Pavillion. This is a great place in what seems to be a really great community of art and music. Before the show we had  a very lovely dinner at a bar called Press Grill. It was small and dark with tasty inexpensive food and excellent service.

View of the city from my car window

I had an open-faced veggie sandwich and onion rings. SO GOOD!

One of my onion rings was heart-shaped!

T and I shared this insanely rich and yummy chocolate cake.

I really liked this yellow wall. haha

Vampire Weekend!!

The show was great. The sound was great. I had a blast singing and dancing to every song. The trip was a total success!


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