May 13, 2010

I pretty much eat the same thing each morning/afternoon. My schedule can be pretty random. If I don’t have to wake early for a tour I usually sleep in. So breakfast can easily become brunch or lunch. I normally recommend never to eat the same foods over and over. But I love this combination so much that I have eaten it at least 4 days a week for the past year. I call them breakfast burritos but it’s really just lots of sautéed peppers and mushrooms wrapped in spicy tortillas. It’s so delicious and filling.

I always start with coffee.

I love peppers.

Veggies cooking. It seems like a lot but they get smaller plus there is nothing wrong with eating lots of veggies. 🙂

So good!

A side of fresh fruit.

I started out (a year ago) eating burritos with cheese and eggs. Then no cheese. Then no eggs. Now its just tons of veggies. I really need to add some greens to the meal. My journey with healthy food is always progressing. It’s really wonderful when you begin to allow yourself to change.

Me and Nardy!


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