October 20, 2010

So I have been noticeably gone for a while. Well I’m back. We have lived in Chicago for 3 months now and we are madly in love. It really feels like home. I’ve been experimenting more than ever with food and trying new restaurants. Sadly I get so excited to eat the deliciousness that I often forget to photograph. Here are some photos that I have taken of things I’ve been cooking up lately.

Eggs scrambled with tomato & spinach with toasted Multi-grain bread.

Bean enchiladas with fresh salsa

Cauliflower & potato curry

Noodle stir fry

Levi jeans just launched a new project that connects creative women across the world. It’s a community for creative support and discussion. I created a profile this week and encourage you to do the same. And of course you should connect with me. Its really fun and inspiring.

Shape Whats to Come


Today’s soundtrack: Andrew Bird’s Noble Beast


One Response to “Lately”

  1. Holly said

    I think that Chicago has rapidly become one of our favorite places to come to due to food, culture and just amazing atmosphere. I’m so happy to hear that you guys found your soul home. 🙂

    And the potato/cauliflower looks and sounds divine.

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