Comfort Food

October 27, 2010

So yesterday was quite great and productive from start to finish. The Mr. worked on music. I wrote letters, organized photos, and made a yummy new meal. With the gray skies and gusty cool wind I knew I wanted to make something comforting and warm for supper. I was missing a few things and I really did not want to walk to the market in the wind. So I really had to get creative with pantry staples. I made a vegetable pot pie casserole. Instead of a pie crust I made heart-shaped biscuits. It was really a throw-in-what-I-have, learn-as-I-go type of meal. I started with a saute of onion and mushrooms. I added a roux of butter and flour and used it to thicken a can of veg stock. I let it boil and simmer until it reduced enough to make a semi thick gravy. I then mixed in frozen veggies. I would have liked to use only fresh veggies but frozen mixed veg was all I had and it did the trick. I made biscuits from a traditional recipe and placed them atop the casserole. Bake at 350 for 30. I had one huge baking potato that I used for whipped potato. It was the perfect portion size for the two of us with a little leftover for lunch. SO good! A comfort food success!

I’m hoping today is just as lovely as yesterday with less wind.

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