February 23, 2011

I think most will agree that last week’s sunshine and warmer weather was a tease. Yesterday I had to make Chili to warm up. I had a slice of Trader Joe’s sprouted whole grain bread on the side. This is my favorite wheat bread so far. I’ve become a little obsessed with Trader Joe’s lately.

I am doing some serious day dreaming about spring and summer. Going to the beach, wine on the rooftop, farmer’s market, outdoor concerts, bike rides on lakeshore, fresh pineapple…I could go on and on! Hopefully spring really does come early.




Fried Rice

January 13, 2011

Recently I’ve added Fried Rice into our supper rotation. It is absolutely delicious. I don’t know why I didn’t try this years ago. It’s so easy and flavorful with a fantastic texture. Start with cold rice (leftovers from the night before). Saute a cup of mixed frozen veg (thawed in the fridge) and garlic in a Tbl of Veg or Canola oil for a few minutes. Add the rice and a generous drizzle of soy sauce and a splash of rice wine vinegar. I also add a teeny tiny bit of spicy chili sauce (totally optional). Start with a little bit of soy sauce and add more to taste. I pair it with natural baked veg spring rolls. I also steam broccoli and throw it on top because we LOVE broccoli! This is just SO good and easy.

Stay safe and warm in this winter weather.


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Oh yeah…my birthday

December 2, 2010

My birthday was at the beginning of November. I can’t believe it’s already been a month. Does time go faster as you age? I had intended to blog about the special day because it was indeed special but time just got away from me. Plus I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t end up taking that many photos. My best friends/former band mates drove 4 hours to our apartment and surprised me at 1am on my actual birthday. I was in shock! I felt so honored that they would go to such trouble. We stayed up until early morning talking, laughing, reconnecting. We got up and went to the Institute of Art for hours. Amazing. Upon leaving, we got stuck in freezing rain and wind. So we went home, ordered take out and relaxed. It was the best birthday ever!! They got me two fabulous cookbooks and a vintage recipe box with many of their favorite recipes written out. Beyond thoughtful. These two people are amazing! I love you guys!

One of the cookbooks was Indian cuisine (my favorite). I made a recipe from that book last night: Spicy Cauliflower and Potatoes. Lots of work but totally worth it. Spicy and delicious.

My best advice when cooking things with many ingredients is to have everything chopped, measured, and ready to go. It saves a lot of time and stress.

Indian food has a remarkable depth of flavor because each recipe has thoughtful use of many spices. This can be expensive if buying the bottles of spices at the store. I suggest going somewhere like a Whole Foods or local health food store and get your spices in bulk. This recipe called for 8 spices. I got a couple teaspoons of each at Whole Foods and only spent about $1 total. I cannot stress enough how useful bulk bins can be when you want to eat healthy on a tight budget.

The end result. Seriously my stomach is growling just looking at this photo.

I’m excited about this winter beanie. I have a big head. Its true. It is really difficult for me to find hats that fit properly. In search of gloves for Trent, we stumbled upon these men’s hats for $3. I was so excited because I really needed something warm to cover my ears. It fits my head and its kinda cute. Another tip when living on a tight budget is looking for things in unlikely places.

As I am sitting here looking out the window I see snowflakes falling. Winter has arrived. Stay warm everyone!

I started reading Dewey by Vicki Myron. So far I have cried my way through 3 chapters. I think I will do a proper post on this book when I finish.

Hiding out…

October 26, 2010

Wow this midwest storm is a doozy. The Mr. and I are very fortunate that we were able to stay safely inside today. It’s so windy! It comes in gusts and rattles the windows. I feel guilty for saying this but…its been a very lovely day. We both retreated to our creative spaces and enjoyed some time creating. I also made a yummy loaf of vegan banana bread.

But enough about today, I really want to let you know what I did last night! My absolute favorite food blog is Smitten Kitchen. Sometimes I spend hours just going through her archive. Her photography is exquisite. She makes you want to try every recipe. I saw this particular post for spaghetti with cheese and pepper and drooled. I made it last night along with some roasted asparagus and french bread. It was divine! Simple and delicious. My husband is the kind of person that prefers tons of red sauce on his pasta so I was expecting him to be disappointed but I was so wrong. He loved it and ended up eating two big portions. Since this is so simple I recommend that you use good quality ingredients. You will not be sorry.

After dinner we took the train to see a special screening of the new documentary Look At What The Light Did Now which chronicles the making of Feist’s last album “The Reminder”. It was really beautifully shot and interesting. If you are even the slightest Feist fan or lover of collaborative art you must see it. After the film we were surprised to find out that the director was there. He did a mini Q & A. So cool!

Stay warm and safe!

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Vegan Enchiladas

August 12, 2010

Hello folks. I’m back with a new dish. A couple of weeks ago our dear friends Will & Heather came to visit. It was a blast. We did some serious exploring. I knew that while they were here we all had to try the all veg Chicago Diner. It was fantastic! So fantastic that my meat-eating husband ordered the vegan nachos and said they were the best he ever had! We are both very excited to return and try something new. So anyway Heather and I ordered the Enchiladas made with spicy meat-free chorizo and potatoes. They were delish. I knew that I had to recreate them. I spotted meat free chorizo at Whole Foods and went to work on the recreation. I also used a new favorite of ours, Daiya vegan cheese. It’s amazing how alike it is to dairy cheese. If you see it in the store buy it. Its pricey but totally worth it.

Vegan. Gourmet. Spicy. Tasty.

First I diced yellow potatoes and baked them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.Then I sautéed them with onions and the meat free chorizo. I filled the tortilla with the mixture and topped with Daiya cheddar. I also topped it with a regular canned red sauce. (I take help from pre-made products from time to time) Reduce the oven to 350 degrees and bake the enchiladas for 20 minutes.

The finished product! Wow. It was so good!


Aloo Gobhi

June 1, 2010

I have to admit that after the last time I tried to cook Indian cuisine, I was a little discouraged. It did not turn out well. I hadn’t planned on trying again until I saw a recipe for my favorite Aloo Gobhi in The Vegan Table. I had to try it.

Cauliflower and potatoes cooking with spices.


Aloo Gobhi served over Basmati rice.

Well it was nowhere near as good as the dish I get at my favorite Indian place but it was a step closer. The tomato was too overwhelming for me. I’m not sure if it was the recipe or me. Hopefully I will just get better the more I practice.

I just started reading “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer. I have wanted to read this since it was released. So far….I love it.

Have a good week!

Lunches and…

May 28, 2010

Hello. I hope everyone is well. This is a quick blog but I will try to be back again soon. I have tried some new items lately and I cant wait to blog about them. We are now seriously counting down for the big move. Time is going so fast and we are so excited!!

I have had a couple really great lunches lately and I thought I would share.

The BEST Chinese food I have had in a very long time. Broccoli in Garlic Sauce with steamed rice from a small place downtown. So good that I had to go back a few days later and get it again.

Salad with veggies and Roasted Veggie Soup with a Tazo peach tea enjoyed outside in the sunshine. The perfect, most delightful lunch.


Rusty! He is the doggie of my in-laws and we got to visit him recently. He is so sweet and funny.

Trent and Rusty. So cute!


I have been listening to a lot of Laura Marling lately. She is amazing!


May 13, 2010

I pretty much eat the same thing each morning/afternoon. My schedule can be pretty random. If I don’t have to wake early for a tour I usually sleep in. So breakfast can easily become brunch or lunch. I normally recommend never to eat the same foods over and over. But I love this combination so much that I have eaten it at least 4 days a week for the past year. I call them breakfast burritos but it’s really just lots of sautéed peppers and mushrooms wrapped in spicy tortillas. It’s so delicious and filling.

I always start with coffee.

I love peppers.

Veggies cooking. It seems like a lot but they get smaller plus there is nothing wrong with eating lots of veggies. 🙂

So good!

A side of fresh fruit.

I started out (a year ago) eating burritos with cheese and eggs. Then no cheese. Then no eggs. Now its just tons of veggies. I really need to add some greens to the meal. My journey with healthy food is always progressing. It’s really wonderful when you begin to allow yourself to change.

Me and Nardy!

Coffee Perfection!

May 5, 2010

I am a serious coffee lover. I like a medium roast with a little sweet cream. I used to drink the super sweet creamer with high fructose corn syrup. (ick!) Then I switched to Organic dairy creamer. From there I used Silk soy creamer. Although this is a very tasty creamer I wanted to get away from soy products. I have hypothyroidism and there are concerns that soy is not so good for me. So the next step in my journey was So Delicious Coconut Milk creamer. Dairy Free, Soy Free, and so yummy! It is true coffee perfection. I am now addicted and in coffee bliss each morning.

I got this super cute Snoopy coffee mug at a garage sale last weekend for 10 cents.

I LOVE coffee mugs!

“I hate it when it snows on my french toast!”

Still crazy for Silversun Pickups this week


April 24, 2010

Hello everyone. So the weather has been really lovely  and I have been taking full advantage. I’ve been able to ride my bike to campus and the path I take is beautiful. I always feel so refreshed after a bike ride. Trent and I have also been taking a lot of late night walks. Walks are so great for conversation.

(my bike/walking path)

My days with classes are long so I try to pack a lunch. Its been so great to eat out in the sunshine. Lunches usually consist of a veggie packed salad, hummus and carrots, and fruit. I’ve been on a Roasted Red Pepper hummus kick. SO GOOD especially with carrots!

We found out last week that we got the apartment we wanted in Chicago! We are counting down the days. So excited! My head is full of new decorating ideas.

Currently loving: Tegan and Sara “Sainthood” I LOOOVVVE Tegan and Sara.

Have a good weekend everyone!