Oh yeah…my birthday

December 2, 2010

My birthday was at the beginning of November. I can’t believe it’s already been a month. Does time go faster as you age? I had intended to blog about the special day because it was indeed special but time just got away from me. Plus I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t end up taking that many photos. My best friends/former band mates drove 4 hours to our apartment and surprised me at 1am on my actual birthday. I was in shock! I felt so honored that they would go to such trouble. We stayed up until early morning talking, laughing, reconnecting. We got up and went to the Institute of Art for hours. Amazing. Upon leaving, we got stuck in freezing rain and wind. So we went home, ordered take out and relaxed. It was the best birthday ever!! They got me two fabulous cookbooks and a vintage recipe box with many of their favorite recipes written out. Beyond thoughtful. These two people are amazing! I love you guys!

One of the cookbooks was Indian cuisine (my favorite). I made a recipe from that book last night: Spicy Cauliflower and Potatoes. Lots of work but totally worth it. Spicy and delicious.

My best advice when cooking things with many ingredients is to have everything chopped, measured, and ready to go. It saves a lot of time and stress.

Indian food has a remarkable depth of flavor because each recipe has thoughtful use of many spices. This can be expensive if buying the bottles of spices at the store. I suggest going somewhere like a Whole Foods or local health food store and get your spices in bulk. This recipe called for 8 spices. I got a couple teaspoons of each at Whole Foods and only spent about $1 total. I cannot stress enough how useful bulk bins can be when you want to eat healthy on a tight budget.

The end result. Seriously my stomach is growling just looking at this photo.

I’m excited about this winter beanie. I have a big head. Its true. It is really difficult for me to find hats that fit properly. In search of gloves for Trent, we stumbled upon these men’s hats for $3. I was so excited because I really needed something warm to cover my ears. It fits my head and its kinda cute. Another tip when living on a tight budget is looking for things in unlikely places.

As I am sitting here looking out the window I see snowflakes falling. Winter has arrived. Stay warm everyone!

I started reading Dewey by Vicki Myron. So far I have cried my way through 3 chapters. I think I will do a proper post on this book when I finish.


Happy Accident

May 14, 2010

So last night I was super eager to make homemade veggie burgers from a vegweb recipe. The recipe called for Gimme Lean Hamburger flavored crumbles. Of course the store only had sausage flavor so I ended up buying another fake meat brand. The crumbles wanted to crumble not form into patties. I almost gave up and threw it out altogether. Then I realized I could make it into my mom’s sloppy joes! I just threw in ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar. Delicious! It was so yummy and it tasted just like my mom’s recipe without the cow. Cooking is art. You have the freedom to be creative and impromptu as you wish. Last night’s dinner was certainly a happy accident.

Fresh corn cut from the cob sautéed with a little Earth Balance and salt/pepper…The BEST!

The meat-free sloppy joes along side a baked sweet potato & corn. Really tasty. I’m definetly making this again.

Stuffed Peppers

March 16, 2010

For dinner tonight I decided to try something new. I love bell peppers. I eat them everyday. So I decided I would make Stuffed Peppers. There are endless possibilities to choose from for stuffing but I used spanish rice and black beans. They were a little crisper than I expected but still very good. Next time I will steam them before roasting or something to make them softer.

To create:

I hollowed out the peppers and roasted them at 425 degrees for 10 minutes. While that was happening I made spanish rice and mixed in cooked black beans. I stuffed the peppers and returned them to the oven to cook for 5 more minutes.

I also made potatoes in little foil packets to go along side the peppers. I cut up a couple handfuls of little Yukon Gold potatoes and boiled them for 10 minutes. I then drained them and mixed them with chopped garlic, onion, salt, and a little cayenne pepper. I divided them onto to double sheets of foil and wrapped them up. Then I roasted them with the peppers for 15 mins. Open very carefully to let the steam escape. Very Hot! I ate mine without cheese but it could certainly be added if you wish.

(the end result!)

I bought myself a small bouquet of beautiful white tulips today.

Listening to Land of Talk…such a great band!

Wishing my amazing mom and step dad a Happy Anniversary. They are a beautiful example of a couple meant to be, who love through all the ups and downs of life. I love you both SO much!