Lunches and…

May 28, 2010

Hello. I hope everyone is well. This is a quick blog but I will try to be back again soon. I have tried some new items lately and I cant wait to blog about them. We are now seriously counting down for the big move. Time is going so fast and we are so excited!!

I have had a couple really great lunches lately and I thought I would share.

The BEST Chinese food I have had in a very long time. Broccoli in Garlic Sauce with steamed rice from a small place downtown. So good that I had to go back a few days later and get it again.

Salad with veggies and Roasted Veggie Soup with a Tazo peach tea enjoyed outside in the sunshine. The perfect, most delightful lunch.


Rusty! He is the doggie of my in-laws and we got to visit him recently. He is so sweet and funny.

Trent and Rusty. So cute!


I have been listening to a lot of Laura Marling lately. She is amazing!



April 24, 2010

Hello everyone. So the weather has been really lovely  and I have been taking full advantage. I’ve been able to ride my bike to campus and the path I take is beautiful. I always feel so refreshed after a bike ride. Trent and I have also been taking a lot of late night walks. Walks are so great for conversation.

(my bike/walking path)

My days with classes are long so I try to pack a lunch. Its been so great to eat out in the sunshine. Lunches usually consist of a veggie packed salad, hummus and carrots, and fruit. I’ve been on a Roasted Red Pepper hummus kick. SO GOOD especially with carrots!

We found out last week that we got the apartment we wanted in Chicago! We are counting down the days. So excited! My head is full of new decorating ideas.

Currently loving: Tegan and Sara “Sainthood” I LOOOVVVE Tegan and Sara.

Have a good weekend everyone!